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Welcome to
Joy in God

A place for Christ-centered and Bible-based teaching from the ministry of Pastor Neb Kelile

Many Christians struggle to understand the Bible and how to apply its teachings to their lives. Our ministry helps Christians align what they believe and how they live with what the Bible teaches, so that their lives begin to thrive again.

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God’s agenda for change in your life is


Joy in God is dedicated to helping you experience this transformation.

The Bible says that “[God’s] divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness…” Yet many who profess to be Christians struggle to grow spiritually in their lives. Joy in God Ministries exists to help encourage a lifestyle that brings about a desire for God, and a passion to want to seek His kingdom first in all that you do.

Pastor Neb Brand Shoot-67

Hi, I'm Neb

Pastor of 15 years

be involved in fulfilling God’s mission in the World.

I have been a pastor and preacher for 15 years….

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& live in

obedience to the purpose God has prepared for you.

Identity in christ

Discover who you truly are in Christ.

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Find out why you are here.

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Experience God’s design for growth.

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